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The Best Spinach Egg Bite Muffins

Easy Healthy Spinach Egg Bite Muffins Recipe | Perfect for Post Weight loss Surgery

Weight Loss Spinach Egg Bite Muffins, bariatric recipe

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Breakfast doesn’t get easier than this! With only 5 main ingredients (not including seasonings), this spinach egg bite muffins recipe is simple and delicious, not to mention that it’s also a great bariatric recipe.

Have you ever looked at the egg bites from Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop and wondered if this is in your post bariatric surgery diet? Don’t worry, this option is more affordable and perfect for meal prepping. Scroll down the page for the recipe.

After weight loss surgery, it can be hard to get all your proteins packed into a smaller portion of food. Eggs are a great source of protein, and can be cooked with different ingredients for all kinds of flavor combinations. You can also freeze these egg bites and prep your breakfast for weeks, maybe months down the line. Check out our other egg bites, egg muffins recipes

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Tip: Take this easy weight loss recipe and make it yours!

If you are cutting out dairy, use dairy free cheese or remove the cheese and add bacon, for a more Mexican-style flavor, add some chili powder or cayenne pepper instead of garlic salt. This recipe should be a great option for your VSG diet, RNY gastric bypass diet, or other weight loss surgery.

If you make our recipe, post, follow and tag us on social media! We love seeing how our blogs can help bariatric patients continue to make healthy choices and maintain wellness years post surgery. That’s what we’re all about at WLS Afterlife!

We make this easy Spinach Egg Bite post bariatric surgery recipe with the Dash Deluxe Egg Bite Maker. Buy it on Amazon! ➡️
If you don’t have an Egg Bite Maker this recipe works with a muffin pan.

Spinach Egg Bite Ingredients

2 Eggs 

2 Tbsp Colby Jack Cheese

2 Tbsp Ricotta or Cottage Cheese

¾ teaspoon (a dash) Garlic Powder

Salt and Pepper to taste

¼ cup chopped baby spinach

¼ cup diced red bell pepper


1. Plug in your Dash Egg Bite maker *If you don’t have an egg bite maker you can make these in a greased muffin pan.

2. Fill bottom of egg bite maker with 1 small cup of water (enough to cover the bottom)

3. Combine eggs, cheese, garlic powder, salt, and pepper in a bowl and mix until frothy. You can use a whisk or a mixer.

4. Pour egg mixture into cups.

5. Sprinkle the spinach and bell pepper in the cups evenly. Place cups in your Dash Egg Bite maker 

6. Cook for 7-10 minutes (Until eggs are cooked through)

7. Let cool and enjoy!

8. *Optional* Freeze and use for meal preps later on, your post-op nutritionist will love you!

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