10 products bariatric patients need

Our top ten picks for success after surgery

Adjusting to your new life after weight loss surgery can be a struggle in the beginning. For those of you just starting out on the road to weight loss or for those who have struggled for some time on your own, WLS Afterlife is dedicated to helping bariatric patients at any stage be successful through education and research. 

We have an array of resources, from recipes to products, that can help reduce the stress and time it takes going from website to website. The items we choose are selected carefully with the thought in mind, “how can someone (bariatric patient) benefit from this product?”

No more guessing if a tool is meant for your lifestyle. Most of the items we promote are products that our team has used while creating recipes or through our growing network of bariatric-friendly partnerships.  

Tying useful information and personalized insight around each bariatric product is our approach to helping patients after weight loss surgery. We have learned at WLS Afterlife that if you keep trusted resources handy and plug yourself into a community of bariatric supporters, then you’ll be able to glide through your weight loss journey with minimal stress. 

Below are a variety of products that our team has either used to create bariatric-friendly recipes with or that can simply help you adjust to your new way of living. These tools should help you be successful after weight loss surgery.

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1. Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is a useful kitchen tool used to blend soups, sauces and other liquids. How it’s different from a regular blender is, with a regular blender you have to pour your liquid or substances into a blender before turning on. With an immersion blender you insert it into the container of liquid. Actually helps reduce mess since you are not having to transport your substances from one container to another. The immersion blender is ideal for shakes and smoothies.

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2. Food Scale

A food scale is great for portion control and is ideal for any bariatric food stage you are in. As most of us know, a bariatric diet is unlike any other diet and requires specified serving sizes. In order to be successful in your weight loss journey it’s important to accurately measure your protein and calorie intake while recovering from weight loss surgery.  We think this is a great bariatric food scale.

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3. Blender bottle – A bottle blender will probably be the most frequently used product on this list. While maintaining your strict bariatric diet it is also important, you are also tracking your protein and water intake. This blender bottle comes with small compartments for you to store your pre/post protein powders or vitamins/supplements into. This is ideal for working out or on the go. This product has a multipurpose use and can be used for a long period of time.

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4. PortionMate Bariatric portion control rings – Essential for those just starting their bariatric diet. These rings can help track your portion control and can help you adjust to your bariatric diet. If over consumption is an issue you are most concerned with or something you struggle with, we have found this product to be extremely helpful. This product will take the time and stress out of guessing how much carbs or protein portions you need to add to your plate or bowl. 

We also have a review of the PortionMate Rings here https://wlsafterlife.com/blog/portionmate-food-measuring-tool/

Buy the PortionMate Portion Control Rings

5. Air Fryer – If you’re a food lover and want to expand your cooking recipes, our team highly encourages you to check out an air fryer. This is a popular word of mouth product that WLS Afterlife had to check out for ourselves and we are happy to say that we have been very satisfied with this product. While transitioning into your bariatric diet you’ll still be able to enjoy the same fried foods you love but in a healthier way. Bite into fried foods that only require a tablespoon of oil vs foods that are saturated in oil and contain more oil and grease. You won’t regret buying this product.

Check out our blog with air fryer recipes here https://wlsafterlife.com/blog/air-fryer-review-and-recipes/

Buy our favorite Air Fryer- You’ve seen it in all of our Air Fryer recipe videos

6. Blender/Magic Bullet/Ninja – With a blender, you may think that you can use it just as you would an immersion blender; however, with a bariatric diet there is a difference between when you can and should use the two. Our team has come to find out that using our Magic Bullet blender is more essential for smooth purees, creamy soups and dips. Keep this in mind during the puree stage. Once out of the pureed stage you can easily use this blender for smoothies made with frozen fruit and ice. 

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7. Water infuser bottle – A water infuser bottle is probably one of the most eye catching products on our lists and is definitely going to improve your water intake. As most post-op patients know, dehydration is a common side affect post weight loss surgery. For some people, tracking their water intake can feel more like a chore and this product will help combat that feeling. Having a water infuser bottle will make drinking water so much more enjoyable and delicious. 

Buy an infusion water bottle with recipe book on Amazon

8. Fitbit/fitness tracker – Bariatric patients can at times feel overwhelmed with the amount of measurements and information that they are required to track. Let’s face it, not everyone is given the same care post operation and it can be stressful if you are on the journey to weight loss on your own. Having a fit bit or a fitness tracker can actually help you more than you think. It can help track steps, heart rate, and even water intake. Best of all, most smartphones have apps you can download and sync to your fitness watch helping you easily track your progress which will help you stay successful on your weight loss journey. 

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9. Metal bento boxes – The metal bento boxes will definitely help you easily track portions. Best of all it is crack-resistant and stainless steel. Unlike regular lunch boxes or bags, your lunch can easily get ruined if you drop or smush your lunch box. With the metal bento boxes you won’t have to worry about damaging your lunch and best of all it has a snap secure lock. This product is ideal for limiting waste and comes with 3 separate food compartments. 

Here’s our blog and details on the metal bento boxes https://wlsafterlife.com/blog/metal-bento-boxes/

Check out these metal bento boxes on Amazon

10. Mini waffle maker – Last and certainly not least, a waffle maker. Whether it’s a mini or a full size waffle maker, our team highly recommends claiming one of these. If you’re subscribed to our food videos on YouTube you’ve probably seen a variety of videos that we have made using our mini waffle maker. You can cook meats and veggies in your waffle maker. If you want to explore all the different kinds of bariatric friendly recipes then you should definitely buy one of these. This is by far the most popular item among our WLS Afterlife’s team.

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