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Bariatric Digestive System: Nutrient-Dense Foods

By Kimber-Lynn Anderson Bariatric procedures can naturally impact the digestive system. Often this surgery will remove not only a portion of the stomach but also parts…

Why Nutrition is Key After Bariatric Surgery

By Carielle Nikkel, MS, RDN Success after bariatric surgery is dependent on several factors including diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle. Your body’s gone through a few…

9 Ways to Stay Hydrated After Bariatric Surgery

Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, staying hydrated is key to maintaining your health. After making the life-altering decision to start down a new path with bariatric surgery, the importance of hydration becomes that much more pronounced, and maybe even a tad difficult.

Taco Soup

Looking to mix up your Taco Tuesday game? Well, we have got you covered with a bariatric friendly taco soup recipe. Imagine all your favorite taco flavors melded together and served up warm and garnished with a little cheese and avocado. This recipe hits the spot and lets you decide the spice level.


Helping Bariatric Patients Live Successful Lives.

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