Provider Directory

Welcome to the WLS Afterlife Provider Directory

Our goal at WLS Afterlife is to give weight loss surgery patients the support they need after bariatric surgery. We work closely with surgeons, nutritionists and other bariatric specialists to create content that will give you the tools necessary to succeed after weight loss surgery. This directory offers 3 different search categories to help our patients find the needed resources for life after gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric band or any other weight loss procedures.

Bariatric Surgeon Directory

Our bariatric surgeon directory showcases doctors, hospitals or practices that offer take over care for patients who find themselves needing a new doctor. We also have surgeons who specialize in the different types of revision surgeries, should you need those services. Just like the research you did before your initial bariatric surgery, make sure that you look into the reviews and experience of any surgeon you choose to use. Take over care and revision cases can be complicated. Do your research and make sure the new doctor is experienced in offering the care that you need.

Cosmetic Surgeon Directory

The WLS Afterlife cosmetic surgeon listings showcase surgeons who have experience working with bariatric patients. Understanding the unique needs of patients who have lost a large amount of weight is an important part of helping patients achieve the new look that they desire after such rapid weight loss as comes from bariatric surgery. With any cosmetic surgeon that you chose to consult with, please make sure and research their reviews and especially their experience with weight loss surgery patients. This should ensure not only pleasant results but could also help with insurance coverage of certain procedures. Staff members who have extensive experience with insurance cases can help you utilize your coverage, if available.

Bariatric Product Directory

After weight loss surgery it is important to follow the guidelines of your surgeon or nutritionist. Many of those rules have to do with nutrition, hydration and portion control. Our product listings are generally from companies who either specialize in bariatric products or they have a product line that falls in line with many bariatric physician aftercare instructions. Always consider what your surgeon has suggested for you and your specific case before changing to a different formulations or products.