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Metal Bento Boxes

Product review and meal prep ideas for metal bento boxes

Overeating is a very easy habit to pick back up on if you’re new to the bariatric dieting game. A metal bento box will help you easily track your portions and keep you from potentially stretching your stomach.  We love these metal bento boxes because they can really help with bariatric meal prep and portion control. One thing we have learned about eating after weight loss surgery is that you really need to plan all of your meals ahead of time or you can easily fall back into making bad choices in your food selection.

Another thing our team loves about this product is that it can help you reduce waste as your Bento box can act as a food storage container. So say goodbye to single use sandwich ziplock bags. Your Bento box has three separate food compartments, which is great for dividing meals into segments so if you don’t like your food to touch then you’re in luck. You can also pack your bariatric meal on one side and your bariatric snacks on the other side. Talk about making your life easier, this product can really help.

Another added benefit about the Bento box is that it is made of stainless steel so it’s crack-resistant. Unlike regular lunch boxes or bags, your lunch can easily get ruined if you drop or smash your lunch bag. It’s also super easy to clean and so far, none of our bariatric recipes have left a stain.

Check out the many possibilities and combinations you can create with this must-have bariatric product. 

Metal bento boxes with bariatric snacks
Metal Bento Boxes with hamburger bites bariatric recipe

Check out the Metal Bento Boxes on Amazon.

There are so many tasty bariatric recipes that you can put into your metal bento boxes. Try out a few of our favorites.

Tuna Stuffed Bell Peppers

Big Mac in a Bowl

Stovetop Enchilada Casserole

Hamburger Bites

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