Ranch Popcorn Chicken

What’s POPPIN’!? Ranch popcorn chicken, that’s what. This air-fryer recipe is low carb, low effort, and low calories. The only thing that won’t be low is your level of satisfaction with this easy weeknight recipe. Made in the air-fryer (or oven), this chicken hits your taste buds in all the right ways. You have hints of classic flavors like parmesan cheese and ranch, all made a little bit fancier with those chopped chives. The best part of this air-fried ranch popcorn chicken recipe is how crispy the chicken turns out despite the lack of oil. This recipe only proves that air-fryers are absolute game-changers.

This ranch popcorn chicken works well as a main entree for you and your family and even as an appetizer for a dinner party. Blow your guests away and even go so far as to record their faces when you tell them you cooked this chicken without dipping it in any oil. We guarantee that some jaws will be dropped…You can serve this chicken with side dishes like roasted broccoli, baked potatoes, or a refreshing garden salad (if you want to keep this meal light). Better yet, you can have the chicken by itself! The size of the small bites makes it perfect for bariatric patients. Enjoy!

Ranch Popcorn Chicken Recipe

½ cup almond flour

¼ cup parmesan cheese

½ packet of ranch salad seasoning

1 lb. Chicken cut into bite sized pieces

¼ cup lite mayonnaise

½ tsp Dijon mustard

Mix the almond flour, parmesan cheese and ranch salad seasoning together in a bowl and set aside

Take your pieces of chicken and mix in the lite mayonnaise and Dijon mustard.

Dip the chicken in the seasoning mix then place in the air fryer in a single layer

Cook in the air fryer on 360 degrees for 7 minutes

Garnish with chopped chives

If you don’t have an air fryer, you can cook this in your oven by changing your temperature and cooking time.  Simply bake the chicken at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes depending on the size of the pieces.

If you are looking to purchase an air fryer, here are links to the brand we use.

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