Olive Egg Salad

Egg Salad is a great source of protein and this Olive Egg Salad is pretty tasty too

What if we told you that there was a recipe out there that is made in minutes that not only tastes great but will provide you with the right nutrients for post-bariatric weight loss success. There is, it’s our new Olive Egg Salad recipe. For those of you who love the taste of black or green olives then you’ve come to the right place. 

There are so many ways you can prepare an egg salad recipe and if there is one thing we’ve learned, eggs, in general, are great at providing the protein and vitamins we need after weight loss surgery. 

Our Olive Egg salad recipe will make the perfect family dish or can easily be enjoyed as part of your meal prep. However you decide to enjoy this recipe, we guarantee that this recipe is very easy to recreate. 

Don’t let dietary restrictions keep you from enjoying your new life! Our team is dedicated to providing bariatric patients with meals that are both enjoyable and healthy! For this recipe, we chose to go with sugar-free mayonnaise and the choice of adding salt and pepper is completely optional. Whatever variation you decide to go with, our only suggestion would be to share it with us on social media! 

Please note that we always recommend our WLS Afterlife viewers follow their doctor’s dietary guidelines, regardless of our recipe instructions. If we listed an ingredient you were told to avoid, write to us so we may provide you with plenty of other tasty alternatives.


3 Hard boiled eggs – chopped (Check out our blog about how to make the best hard boiled egg)

1T (lite or sugar free) mayo (we used a vegan mayo)

Dash of paprika, salt and pepper

1T black olives

1T green olives


  1. Chop hard-boiled eggs and transfer to a large bowl
  2. Add remaining ingredients to bowl. 
  3. Stir until mixed well. Cover and refrigerate until chilled.

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