Eggs, packed with protein and flavor

No matter where your bariatric journey may take you, we’re here to help you stay sunny side up by providing you with recipes and tips to help you achieve the most success after bariatric surgery. 

Even in the most challenging times, it’s nice to have some stability in life. If there is one thing we’ve learned whipping up bariatric-friendly meals is eggs are one of the foods that can remain in your diet after weight loss surgery and provide you with the nutrients you need post-op. 

Start your mornings by scrambling, folding, or pureeing your egg-travagant recipes while providing your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal success after weight loss surgery. According to the American Heart Association, eggs are a reliable, rich source of protein and vitamins. 

A large egg contains about 6 grams of protein and they are also a good source of other nutrients, including vitamin D (which aids bone health and the immune system) and choline (which helps metabolism and liver function, as well as fetal brain development). 

No matter where you are at in your weight loss diet, we have a wide archive of egg recipes for you to enjoy. If you plan on recreating one of these recipes, be sure to let us know on social media.

As always, we recommend our WLS Afterlife viewers follow their doctor’s dietary guidelines, regardless of our recipe instructions. WLS Afterlife is dedicated to presenting new bariatric-friendly meals weekly so you can continue to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to enjoy!  If we listed an ingredient you were told to avoid, write to us so we may provide you with plenty of other tasty alternatives.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Have you struggled with getting your boiled eggs just right? Ever wondered why your boiled eggs come out different? Whether you have been eating boiled eggs or looking to try a different method of boiling your eggs you have come to the right place! We decided to boil quite a few eggs to demonstrate our favorite ways to prepare and consume this protein-filled meal.

Pureed Egg Salad

It’s okay to admit, the puree stage is quite a challenge. Especially for post-op bariatric patients who limit themselves to just applesauce, shakes, or bone broth during this phase. Our pureed egg salad is a must-try for those that are a fan of regular egg salad. You still get the same great taste, just with a pureed texture. This recipe is incredibly nutritious since eggs, in general, are among the most nutritious foods, containing a variety of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B5, B12, and more. 

Deviled Eggs 5 Ways

One of the most enjoyable side dishes at any holiday dinner or summer cookout. From the bariatric patient to the average health nut, we’ve had our fair share of boiled eggs for a low-calorie protein kick! We took it upon ourselves to try out five tasty ways to prepare deviled eggs, perfect for lunchtime meal preps and a high-protein snack. 

Black Bean and Chicken Omelet

What could be better than an egg omelet? An egg omelet with shredded chicken topped with black beans. Shredded chicken makes so much sense when you think about it, flavor-wise, but it’s rarely the first thing we think of when it’s time for a morning low-carb meal! Start your morning off with a high amount of protein and fiber. 

Avocado Lime Omelet 

Remember those continental breakfasts at hotels? This recipe is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of vegetables to add flavor, but not to the point where your egg disintegrates into a jumbled mess. By keeping your bariatric-friendly portion size in mind, we’ve whipped up this delicious avocado-lime omelet. 

Low Carb Breakfast Casserole

It’s no doubt that post-op bariatric patients are on the lookout for healthy breakfast ideas. The challenge is that mornings for most people start off pretty hectic. You’ve either slept through your alarm, misplaced your wallet, or you’re rushing out the door to get the kids off to school. Chances are if you’re starting your days off like this then how likely are you to consume something nutritional? 

Texas Egg Salad

This Texas egg salad recipe is a must-try this summer and worth sharing with friends and family. The secret ingredient to this unique recipe…steak sauce! The steak sauce brings all the flavors together and sets this egg salad recipe apart from anything you’ve tasted since weight loss surgery. With only a tablespoon of steak sauce added, you’ll savor every bite and feel like you’re dining at a popular Texas BBQ restaurant. 

Cilantro Egg Salad

This recipe is ideal for anyone in the bariatric community. You’ll provide your body with the nutrients that it needs, stay within your dietary guidelines, and satisfy your tastebuds. Having an easy-to-make meal in mind is perfect for last-minute meal prepping. Especially knowing that your quick meal won’t set you back in your weight loss goals. 

Sweet Beet Egg Salad

When it comes to needing key nutrients you can never go wrong with our new sweet beet egg salad. Along with how quick and easy this meal is to recreate, it’s also packed with many the necessary nutrients a bariatric patient needs. If you’ve never had beets then you need to be aware of the nutrients you are missing out on! Made up of 88% water, this vegetable is loaded with essential nutrients such as fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. 

Kickin’ Egg Salad

If you’re looking for a picnic-perfect egg salad recipe and short of time, then we have you covered with our new kickin’ egg salad recipe. A good egg salad is made with simple ingredients and is ready in minutes. Our kickin’ egg salad recipe however is far from just plain “good”. It’s unique in flavor because we gave it a nice spicy twist while keeping the ingredients simple. So if you’re looking for a meal ready in a timely fashion and love to give your taste buds a wake-up call then you’re going to want to recreate this recipe for yourself. We guarantee this will be a favorite of yours when it comes to snack time. 

Mushroom Kale Egg Bites

Brighten your morning routine with our new Mushroom Kale Egg Bites recipe. Your newly restricted stomach and taste buds will thank you. Our egg bites recipe is inspired by Starbucks’ Kale & Mushroom Egg Bites. Unlike Starbucks’ recipe, our Mushroom Kale Egg Bites recipe has fewer dairy products. This makes our WLS Afterlife version more weight watcher-friendly. We used dairy-free ricotta cheese and shredded mozzarella.

Olive Egg Salad

What if we told you that there was a recipe out there that is made in minutes that not only tastes great but will provide you with the right nutrients for post-bariatric weight loss success. There is, it’s our new Olive Egg salad recipe. For those of you who love the taste of black or green olives then you’ve come to the right place.

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