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Portion control is extremely important for those who have had weight loss surgery. Whether you’ve had the gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass, the goal of portion control is to consume small portions that won’t overfill your pouch and cause discomfort or other issues. 

What makes the dash mini waffle maker so great is you can recreate a wide variety of bariatric-friendly meals and don’t have to worry about eating large portions.  Plus, the cleanup is really easy. 

If you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel or newsletter then chances are you’ve seen us use our mini waffle maker more than once. We’ve thrown a handle full of ingredients into this little electric griddle and created a ton of unique and delicious bariatric-friendly meals. 

Check out all of the recipes we’ve made using a Dash Mini Waffle Maker below. 

Safe Catch Salmon Waffle – Recipe Using Dash Mini Waffle Maker

If you’re looking for high nutrition and a fan of seafood, our Safe Catch Salmon Waffles are just for you. The salmon tasted fresh as if it were just that morning – not too salty, but with a delightfully flaky and light texture that is expected with this super lean protein. The mozzarella paired wonderfully with the Italian seasoning, and the nutritional yeast gave the waffle a nice savory bite. And thanks to the coconut flour, this recipe was gluten-free!

Nush Waffles – Recipe Using Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Nush has set out to create a line of cookies and cakes that are low in carbs and sugar, that way we can satisfy our sweet cravings without having to give up half of our day’s calories. Of course, our team had to find out for ourselves. So, we purchased a bag (or two) and immediately went to cooking. Although Nush products are low in sugar, you could hardly tell. Stacking fruit on our Nush Waffle gave the recipe a nice balance between sweet and tangy. The waffle was moist and cooked to perfection. 

Chaffles, 3 ways -Recipe Using Dash Mini Waffle Maker

The base recipe is only two ingredients, egg, and cheese. Just from looking at the nutrition facts, you’d be surprised at how filling it can be. This recipe is as pure as it is simple. Two basic ingredients that aren’t filled with added sugar, simple carbs, or highly processed. Our team created three different variations on how to make a Chaffle so even if you don’t fall into any of these categories, a Chaffle is still worth adding to your diet. 

Pizza Chaffles -Recipe Using Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Pizza Chaffles will take your ordinary movie night and turn it into a dine-in movie bistro experience. Bring this recipe into your kitchen and introduce it to friends and family to try. They will be amazed by how simple this recipe is to make from beginning to end. Not only did our team have fun customizing our own personal Pizza Chaffles but this recipe alone is perfect for reaching your protein intake. 

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