The Pure Wrap avocado and egg breakfast wrap, bariatric friendly

Avocado Egg Wrap

Avocado Egg Wrap, Bariatric Friendly Breakfast Recipe

Our eating habits have certainly changed with the seasons. When it was colder, our days consisted of coffee, a healthy lunch, and then a light dinner. But now that the days are getting lighter, so are the meals! Quick and light bites have definitely been the go-to lately, so when we came across The Pure Wraps organic coconut wrap, we were struck with inspiration! Finally, we could shelve that hankering for breakfast tacos and substitute it for something low-carb, low-calorie, and high-gratification!

This is probably the coolest thing to come out in the world of tortilla alternatives. Everyone knows about cheese wraps, spinach wraps, and even cauliflower wraps. But these Pure Wraps? Whole different ball game. The texture is so unique and satisfying, which is important. It is perfectly dense so that it doesn’t easily tear when stuffing it with my breakfast ingredients but still tears perfectly when it’s time to take a bite! For once, my taco filling actually stays IN the taco instead of falling on the plate!

It’s hard to describe what texture is like. But trust us, you will like it! Especially if you are tired of your typical healthy food routine. You know we always try to switch it up whenever possible, even dabbling in vegan food on occasion. It’s pretty fun to keep your taste buds guessing! And these pure wraps are a great place to start!

Don’t worry about breaking this baby either! It’s super bendy and easy to fold into any shape you need! The main ingredient is coconut (of course) making it perfect for our paleo dieters and gluten-free friends! The next two ingredients? Organic coconut water and Himalayan salt. We love being able to read what goes into our food! Definitely add these to your grocery list.

For the cheese, we used dairy-free, but if you can spare some lactose, we also like to use Laughing Cow Light Spreadable Cheese Wedges. It tastes so good you can hardly believe it only has 30 calories!

Pop the bacon in your toaster for even cooking and perfectly crispy bacon. No toaster oven? Prep fresh bacon bits for the week and pop several strips in the oven! Stovetop bacon pales in comparison to oven baked, at least in our opinion. The crispiness it achieves is to die for! And who doesn’t love food that can cook on its own?! Then all it takes is a scrambled egg and some wrapping up, then you’re ready to munch! We hope you enjoy this bariatric friendly breakfast recipe!


  1. (1) The Pure Wraps Organic Coconut Wrap
  2. 1 tbsp spreadable cream cheese
  3. 1 slice of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  4. 1 egg scrambled
  5. 3 avocado slices
  6. Diced tomatoes to taste
  7. Freshly chopped spinach to taste


  1. Spread cream cheese on Pure Wrap Organic Coconut Wrap all the way to the edges!
  2. In the middle of the wrap, add bacon, eggs. avocado, and tomatoes.
  3. Roll up and enjoy!

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