Comparison Trap


Dealing with the Comparison Trap

Have you ever been caught in this horrible cycle of comparing yourself to others? As a young teen, I would actually flip through pages of my yearbooks and compare myself to other girls in my school. I wished that I could wear a small izod like so-so on page 23. I wished that my hair was curly like this friend on page 36. If only I had her waistline or smile of this acquaintance on page 44. After wearing braces for 4 long years during high school, I can say that I am blessed with a lovely smile. However, did I ever have a waistline?

In 1989, I was voted “Miss Congenitally” by my classmates in our school’s beauty walk….many years before Sandra Bullock won the same award in her box office hit. When I heard my name announced, I jumped up and down backstage and my dress became unzipped. (Truth be told, it never fully zipped but I didn’t dare get the next size up). After my wardrobe malfunction was fixed, I walked confidently down the runway to receive my flowers and sash. After the celebration, I washed out the gel and layers of Aquanet out of my hair. I peeled off my make-up and set my face free. I placed my beautiful Cinderella gown in the closet and boxed up my pumps. I was back to my normal in appearance but I held my head a little higher knowing that someone noticed my beauty within.

Question: Can your inner beauty be affected by comparing yourself to others? Of Course! Why is it diminished when you beat yourself up for going up a size in pants instead of going down a size? Do you lose your inner spark when your friend gives you her blouses that are now too big for her but will be perfect fit for you? How ugly is the feeling when you are enjoying your McFat Meal at the local mall when you see a group of girls grabbing a smoothie after their tribal workouts? No one wins when we compare ourselves to one another. God formed me in my mother’s womb (and she probably delivered me in full makeup with her hair styled to perfection). He knitted me to have very straight, strawberry blonde hair, a medium to big-boned figure and the freedom to make choices. I am free to not compare myself to others. Will I receive this gift of contentment? Or will I keep getting lost in the comparison trap

 Dana is a weight loss surgery patient who is writing blogs about life before and after weight loss surgery. The comparison trap is one of the many topics that we see bariatric patients struggle with. How often do you see this played out in the private facebook online support groups? It’s an almost daily comparison trap post with someone who is a few weeks or months after surgery and they are asking for comparable stories so they can match their weight loss to someone else’s.

Don’t get lost in the comparison trap! Everyone starts at a different height, different weight, or different BMI. Keep following the rules set by your bariatric surgeon, watch your portion sizes, hit your protein goals and get up and move some. The only comparison you should be doing, is against yourself. That’s not saying if you didn’t move forward this week, you should be upset or mad at yourself. It’s saying we should set goals and work towards getting better week after week, and if we mess up, we forgive ourselves.

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We recommend our WLS Afterlife viewers follow their doctor’s dietary guidelines, regardless of our recipe instructions. Don’t forget to control your portions after weight loss surgery. Don’t fall into the comparison trap and lose site of how far you have come.

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