Ahi Tuna Tower | No Really, it’s super easy!

Safe Catch Ahi Tuna Tower

Give yourself an aha moment with our Ahi Tuna recipe. Elevate your weight loss experience with this delicious, sushi-inspired cuisine. This bariatric-friendly recipe takes out the overwhelming stress of adapting to a new diet and brings in exciting flavors, bold colors, and a new sense of feeling better about your change in eating habits.

Presentation is everything, but this recipe is more than just picture perfect. Its flavors are sweet, with a mild salty taste, and a nice blend of textures. With the dramatic change in dieting after weight loss surgery, a common misconception that patients have regarding the new diet is, if you cut out calories, you cut out flavor. This recipe is the perfect example of changing minds and keeping stomachs satisfied.

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One important factor to keep in mind when creating any bariatric dish is, if your recipe calls for produce be sure to select the freshest fruits and vegetables you can find. This will contribute to bringing in additional flavor which can help you limit spices or seasonings that bring extra calories. For this recipe in particular, we used fresh mangos, cucumbers, and avocados which blended perfectly with our Ahi tuna.

Seafood lovers will be obsessed, and for those who are hesitant to expand their seafood pallet, this dish is the perfect gateway dish to opening up to other seafood recipes. Not only is tuna much simpler to work with if you’re a novice in planning meals around seafood but tuna itself is great for those of you that are in the soft food stage and beyond. 

ahi tuna tower recipe,

In our recipe, we used Safe Catch Wild Ahi, Yellowfin Tuna. Safe Catch is a trusted brand and a personal WLS Afterlife favorite. Safe Catch is a brand that tests each tuna that they catch. They are best known to have fish with the lowest mercury levels. They are certified kosher, contain zero additives and their fish is lean protein. If you’re living life post-bariatric surgery, we highly recommend their products. 

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Overall this recipe was easy to make and can be enjoyed by everyone. If you’re planning on taking your bariatric diet to a higher level and re-create this recipe, let us know on social media. We’d love to see how you enjoy it!

As always, we recommend our WLS Afterlife viewers follow their doctor’s dietary guidelines, regardless of our recipe instructions. WLS Afterlife is dedicated to presenting new bariatric-friendly meals weekly so you can continue to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to enjoy! Tag us if you make this bariatric recipe!


1 Can Safe Catch Ahi Tuna

1/2 Avocado – diced

1 Mango – diced

1/2 Cucumber – diced

2T Lemon juice

1/2t crushed chili peppers

Salt & pepper to taste

Fresh mint for garnish


1. Open can of Safe Catch Ahi Tuna. Do not drain. Flake with a fork until liquid is absorbed by the tuna.

2. Press about 1T of liquid from the can into a bowl for the sauce. Add lemon juice, crushed chili peppers, salt, and pepper. Whisk together.

3. To build the tower, use a 2″ cookie cutter. Add a layer of avocado, then tuna, then mango, then cucumber.

4. Drizzle stack with sauce. “Smack” the fresh mint to release the aroma and garnish.

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