Chicken Congee

Lauded as the ultimate Chinese comfort food, served as a pick-me-up for sick days, and enjoyed by patients in the puree phase, we tried our hand at preparing Chicken Congee. A super simple porridge-type dish, we are confident that you will enjoy this recipe time and again.
For preparation, measure out the amount of rice you will use and then rinse thoroughly to remove any excess starch from the rice. This will help prevent the rice from clumping together and looking more like a plate of mashed potatoes than a bowl of rice! Once you’ve rinsed your rice portion, put the rice in the pot and bring to a boil. Bear in mind that if you choose to cook with brown rice, your cooking time will get just a tad bit longer. Brown rice takes a bit longer to cook all the way through, but the texture will have a bit more bite to it! You will know that your dish is ready once the congee has a consistency similar to oatmeal. This is when you will season with light salt and pepper to taste. The soy sauce at the end also will add some sodium to the dish, so don’t have a heavy hand when you add the salt!
The congee will continue to thicken once it cools, but you can always thin it out by adding more chicken stock when you are ready to reheat and enjoy all over again!
If you are out of the puree phase, you can always serve this dish with your favorite low-calorie chicken recipe and vegetable stir fry! What do you think? Excited to try this Asiatic take on some savory porridge? Let us know!

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