Protein Popsicles

Looking for new ways to up your daily protein intake?  We get it!  Some days it’s hard to reach those protein goals.  We have mixed protein powders in our yogurt, coffee and other drinks.  If you are like us, there are protein packs throughout your house and office.  You count servings and watch your intake to make sure you are getting close every day.  Sometimes it’s a struggle.  So, why not add a twist to your protein plan by freezing your protein drink?  We had some of the Premier Protein Clear drinks left over from our taste test and decided to make some frozen treats to keep on hand.  Check out our quick video. 

Here are a few tips.

  • You can find the popsicle molds online and at most dollar stores, as well as Walmart and Target
  • Feel free to freeze any of your protein drinks. 
  • Adding a little fruit can make it a little sweeter
  • Want it creamier?  Add in some Greek yogurt or coconut milk
  • Add in a little PB2 to your chocolate protein drinks, mix well before you freeze
  • Sugar free flavorings like hazelnut, vanilla or caramel are great additions if you have them on hand

Don’t just wait until hot weather for this treat.  They are great after a workout, hot shower or even just snuggling under a big blanket!  Keep your post weight loss surgery meal plans interesting with different options.

Don’t forget our recipe to help you spice up your protein drink (insert link) We get it, the longer you are out after surgery, you more you need options.

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