Portion Control


Last week, I went to a children’s museum with family and in the food court, there was a chart that showed food portion comparisons. A serving size of peanut butter is the size as a golf ball. A serving of cheese should be the same size as a matchbox. A serving of meat is the same size as a deck of cards. A serving of potatoes is the same size as a computer mouse. Last but not forgotten, a serving of butter is the same size as a postage stamp. I’m not sure about you, but I believe my potions are not controlled! In fact, I would say our society’s portions are skewed.

The night before we visited this fun museum, my husband and I went to dinner for our 15th wedding anniversary. We actually went to a restaurant that did not serve French Fries……what a treat!! My husband ordered a NY strip and actually got a larger one so he could let me have a taste or two. Was it the same size as a deck of cards? Nope. It was about the same size as our 11 year old son’s crocs. I would say it would be about 4-5 decks of cards. I ordered Chicken Marsala and sadly, neither one of us had leftovers to enjoy the next day.

We did discuss what our meal would look like if we went back there for our 16th anniversary after I have the gastric procedure. I anticipate sharing one meal and him eating the majority. I imagine skipping the bread and eating a few bites of pasta. Is this the accountability for portion control that I have needed? I plan on paying the $5/sharing fee at finer restaurants for our dinner dates.

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