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Munchy Crunchy Protein® Snacks from Vegetarian Traveler®

Christy Krejci is the founder of Vegetarian Traveler, a woman-owned and certified vegan company. Their commitment to provide nutritionally significant amounts of healthy and complete plant protein to people of all ages has been fully realized in Munchy Crunchy Protein snacks. And now you can get this nutritionally superior snack at a significant discount thanks to your friends at WLS Afterlife!

The convenient individual serving sized packets provide high protein, high fiber, low carbs, three awesome flavors, and a wonderful crunch, providing you with maximum appetite satisfaction. They are also incredible when added to a salad, yogurt, soup or stir-fry.

Whether your tastes lean towards sweet, savory or mildly spicy, we have everyone’s snack needs covered with a healthy snack that tastes great. Welcome to your new, go-to snack.

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