Tips for Staying Hydrated After Weight Loss Surgery

Most patients are generally careful about their body’s needs right after weight loss surgery. However, sometimes they tend to overlook a simple piece of advice – stay hydrated. While this is a general health advisory for everyone, in the case of those who have undergone bariatric surgery recently, drinking enough fluids is critical to their health. In fact, dehydration is one of the top reasons for patients to be readmitted to a hospital after bariatric surgery.

Although most patients are determined to follow the advice, the rush of everyday routine gets to them and they forget to get their optimum water intake. So, if you just had bariatric surgery recently, here are some tips on how you can ensure proper hydration after weight loss surgery.

Be Prepared

When you have undergone bariatric surgery, it is crucial to drink plenty of fluids. However, more often than not, people skip drinking fluids. To avoid this common mistake and to always drink enough, you can follow a simple technique. Designate a bottle as your rehydration kit. Keep it filled with fluids at all times. It should never be empty, and it should always be on you. This will guarantee that you always have something to sip on. You cannot drink fluids that you don’t have.

Sip Slowly & Frequently

When you first come home after gastric sleeve or bypass, you will be able to drink only 4 to 8 ounces of water in about an hour. As the swelling subsides, you should aim to drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. However, to increase your fluid intake, do not gulp the fluids down because that can result in bloating or other discomfort. Sip the liquid slowly and sip enough of it to reach your goal daily.  Many doctors also advise not to drink through a straw, as that causes air to enter your pouch.

Plan & Follow

It is always a good idea to plan. So, why not plan your fluid intake. Create a plan that specifies how much fluids you should drink every hour. Set alarms to remind yourself of your fluid timetable. Moreover, it is important that you drink all these fluids between meals. Do not drink fluids with meals. Keep track of your fluid and water intake. It will inform you whether you are staying hydrated or not.

What to Drink

After the gastric sleeve surgery, you do not only have to keep an eye on what you drink. Of course, water intake is crucial. Along with water, you should also consume decaffeinated coffee or tea, herbal tea, and fruit juices that have been diluted. Steer clear of carbonated beverages too. The carbonation can cause the stomach to stretch, which can again be inconvenient to you.

Final Thoughts

Consuming enough fluids is the easiest way to recover after a bariatric surgery quickly. It helps you feel comfortable, hydrated, and satisfied for a longer time.

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