The First Twenty Pounds

At my 1 week post op surgery, I took a deep breath. I took off my shoes. I stepped onto the scale, my least favorite thing to do for more than 20 years. Two weeks ago on this same scale, it read 241 and today I weighed 221. The first twenty…achieved through days of liquid dieting before my surgery and having little amounts of food after my surgery. I had lost 1/5th of my goal weight. I am so thankful for good results from my first weigh in.

As some of you know, the more that you weigh, the longer it takes for pounds lost to show up on clothes or to others but I do feel like my face is thinner, at least one less chin missing.  However, the true victory came off the scale when our son complimented me. For the first time in his 11 years and 10 months of life, he hugged me and his hands touched. He thought it was so cool and bragged to the rest of the family that his hands could meet around me. It was a sweet experience with my son who had not supported me having a surgery. He loved me “just as I am”. Another beautiful gift was putting on my engagement ring this weekend. After months of using lotion to get it on and off, I then retired it to my ring holder about 6 months ago. It was such a blessing to wear my most special ring again.

I would like to say each day has been easy, but I am still plagued with “what I want versus what is forbidden”. After one football game, I craved pizza with all that was in me. The advertisers had done their job well and I wanted to sink my mouth into a meat lovers. I asked the Lord to remove this want and he did in His timing. Furthermore, I hear pizza will make you so sick in the beginning so I am glad that I did not order one. I must remember that I am re-learning what I can eat, how much to eat and what my new stomach will tolerate. I certainly wouldn’t give pizza to a baby and I need to give the same care to myself. This journey is a process of baby steps towards good health. I often sing in my head: “One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus”.

My prayer is to stay focused on the goal of being healthier and more active instead of living a life centered on food. I am learning that when I wake up, my first thought is not choosing between which fast food drive thru. I am to concentrate on what to do for my recovery as I consume my protein, my liquids and my vitamins. I am asking the Lord to heal my body of the abuse that I have put it through as well as removing my fleshly desires of gluttony. There will be more pounds lost if all goes accordingly and I hope to have as many non-scale wins as I learn this new lifestyle. Thanks for being a part of my journey!


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