Sleep Clinic Weekend


For insurance to approve my weight loss surgery, I had to visit a sleep clinic to determine if I have sleep apnea or not. I called on a Thursday and they said “come on in tomorrow” so my weekend looked a little differently than I had first planned.

I had to skip caffeine for most of the day (but I did have a bit at breakfast). I checked in by 8:45pm and I arrived with my suitcase full of tricks: a book, my new Southern Living Magazine, note cards that I wanted to write to friends and my pillow. However, the plan was for me to sleep and not just have a night of entertainment.

It took close to an hour for all of my pads and wires to be placed on my head, chest and legs. It was not necessarily uncomfortable nor was it comfortable. I had to lay down and try to fall asleep knowing strangers were monitoring my breathing and watching me sleep. Eck!

The plan was to sleep but I did not sleep great. I had to call a technician to unhook me for my bathroom break…twice. And I had over 30 wires around me, 2 of which became unhooked in the night and the technician woke me up to replace them. By 7, they were waking me to tell me to go home. And I was invited back that night to do it all over again.

Sleep Clinic Take 2

Diagnosis: sleep apnea. For Saturday night, I arrived without my bag of tricks, just my pillow. I was wired and given another device: CPAP, “continuous positive airway pressure”. I slept great that night with my cpap. The next week, I got my very own and now have a love/hate relationship with it. I usually end up taking it off in my sleep and I wake up with it somewhere in the bed.

Glad that I have it, thankful that insurance paid for most of it and I have to remember to take it to the hospital with me for my surgery or they send me home. I am a CPAP-er….for now!

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