Should bariatric patients drink soda or carbonated beverages after weight loss surgery?

Should bariatric patients drink soda or carbonated beverages after weight loss surgery?

We know how hard it might be to let your hand pass over your favorite carbonated beverage. So, instead of telling you why it is so important for bariatric patients to avoid sodas, we decided to show you!

By just adding plain salted crackers and a typical soda to a Ziploc bag, you can quite easily see just how large of an impact the carbonation can have on your pouch. As soon as the soda hits your stomach, (or the bag in this scenario) the carbon dioxide gas that is infused with the soda to make it bubbly fills up your pouch, leaving you feeling bloated, full, and uncomfortable! That might not have as much of an impact if there wasn’t already competition for space! Filling up with soda compromises your ability to make healthy choices in consuming essential foods later on, like protein and other nutrient-rich foods!

If experiencing bloating is not enough of a deterrent, you also increase your chances of experiencing acid reflux and sharp pains in your stomach after consumption, especially if you decide to pour a glass of your favorite cola really soon after surgery!

But what about sugar free soda? Is that any better? Although you won’t take in the needless calories, continuing to drink even diet sodas post-op, will have you in pain and there is also plenty of research that says drinking diet soda is associated with weight gain and insulin confusion.

We know it’s tough –- but we stand by the doctors that recommend you walk away from carbonation.

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