Sex After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has a profound impact on a patient’s life. One of the most common questions that patients ask about bariatric surgery is – “Is sex better after weight loss surgery?” Like any other surgery, the recovery period and the impact of the surgery depend on the individual. Here is everything that patients need to know about sex after weight loss surgery.

Sex before the Surgery

Obesity can completely disrupt the sex life of couples. Before the gastric bypass surgery, patients can suffer from body image issues, shortness of breath, shyness, and dissatisfaction during sex. The lack of confidence becomes worse over time making some patients abstain from sex altogether. This can lead to many problems in relationships and the family.

Sex after Surgery

Weight loss surgery can help patients completely turn their life around. They become more confident in their skin. Before the surgery, the patient could be suffering from depression, stress, and other psychological issues because of their weight. After a gastric sleeve surgery, better physical shape, proper nutrition, and improved mental health help them perform better leading to happier relationships.

When Can You Have Sex After Weight Loss Surgery?

There is no universal prescribed time after which patients can engage in sex. Some surgeons ask their patients to wait at least a week or two, since they will have stomach wounds that need to heal. After that, it differs from one individual to another. So, if a patient feels comfortable, they can have sex within a week or 2 after their surgery.  Others may not feel energetic enough to engage in physical intimacy and may want to wait for a couple more weeks. The key is to listen to the body and not do anything that causes discomfort or worse, pain.

Bariatric surgery has a strong emotional impact on the patient as well. It brings about changes in hormonal levels, eating habits, and more. For a few patients, the post-surgery period may be emotionally taxing. As there is a strong emotional component to sex, it may be wise to delay it until the patient feels like themselves again.

Is Sex Better After Weight Loss Surgery?

There is no single answer for this. It depends on the patient.

Most patients enjoy sex more after the surgery because they have more energy and feel better about themselves. There are a few who may be coping with mood swings and fatigue. In such cases, sex is not their priority. There are some who do not like the loose skin on their body. They may feel that it is unattrative and stay away from getting intimate. For them, a skin removal surgery may help solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Sex brings people closer to their partner. During sex, endorphins are released in the body, which makes people feel happy. However, at the end of the day, it is crucial for the patients to pay attention to their body and consult the doctor about any complications or issues they may be facing. They should take their own time to get comfortable in their lighter body, and accept their new reality. Once they do that, sex will automatically get better.

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