PortionMate Food measuring tool

So many post op patients struggle to figure out portion sizes, as a matter of fact, we think that one of the hardest things to learn after weight loss surgery is portion control!  Am I right?!?!?  Overeating is one of the main reasons that we got to the point of needing help with our weight loss.  Some of the surgeons’ offices have great educational tools to guide our new lifestyles, however, many do not.  At WLS Afterlife we try to feature products that help patients live the most successful life possible after surgery.  This tool is a great example of a product that is educational, helpful and convenient to use.

PortionMate comes with color coded portion rings and a measuring guide that helps you select the correct portion for your proteins, veggies, grains and other food types.  They have also packaged in a meal planning guide that will help you to reach your daily protein intake goals. If you are looking for help to quickly and easily begin to measure portions, you should check out this product. 

The product set we ordered, is no longer available, but here is a link to buy a PortionMate set that is very close to ours.

If you have been struggling with being able to visualize the best portions for life after weight loss surgery, we would have to say that this tool works great for us!  Aside from the portion tools, there are cutting boards and scoops that work great with protein powders.

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