Over-serve. Over-eat. Over-fill.

We know we aren’t the only ones familiar with this frustrating cycle.

Compared to the meals of our past, the appropriate post-op portion size may seem shockingly small. Thus, it is very easy to over serve and very quickly regret it – from the belly aches, to stretched pouches and regained weight, it is imperative that we nail our portion sizes each and every time!

Lucky for us, the bariatric community is exploding with helpful tools to supplement our success. WLS WLS Afterlife Recommends Portion8 Portion Control Plates. We have to tell you about this great find!  Of course, we can’t call it a new find, because we have been using them for years. Designed with the bariatric patient in mind, this perfectly crafted meal-time companion comes with two separate plates, each having the capacity to hold up to 4 oz of food and adjusting into 1oz sections with the provided sizers. This allows us to properly pack each food item depending on its nutritional value and recommended serving size, while the detachable plates allow for storage and serving of both hot and cold food items all in one convenient kit!

In addition to the easy portion control features, Portion8 also comes with a spork, knife, ice bag and an insulated tote for the utmost convenience in brown-bagging it! Plus, it’s way better looking than a brown bag. So, if you are looking for a post weight loss surgery lunch tote, this is a great option. Stress about serving size will be a thing of the past with Portion8 Plates, ready and available in 4 different colors for your most successful days! They are easy to find on Amazon.

Here are a few different options for the Portion8 Products

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