Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is an effective way to get rid of excess weight. However, the surgery is only as effective as the post-surgery care. The body needs adequate rest and nutrition to maintain the new weight. Falling into old eating habits will negate all the positive effects of the surgery. Patients must follow a healthy diet high in protein to get the best results after weight loss surgery.

Protein is Key

After undergoing bariatric surgery, patients are usually recommended to follow a low-calorie diet. This puts them at risk of muscle loss. In the absence of a readily available fuel source, the body will turn to protein in the muscles. Consumption of lean protein-rich foods helps the body heal quickly from the surgery. It also leads to healthier skin and nails, while boosting immunity.

Consuming protein is a priority. In fact, the post-surgery diet should be dominated by proteins. A protein-heavy diet will help the body burn more fat, improve the metabolic rate and assist in a quicker weight loss.

Carbohydrates & Fats

The diet after weight loss surgery should be low in fats and carbohydrates. Carbs should make less than 30% of the diet and fat should be an even smaller proportion at 15% or less. Both are an essential part of a balance diet, but, high amounts of either of these nutrients can counter the effects of the weight loss surgery. Patients have to exercise control and consume limited amounts, just enough to fulfill daily needs of the body.

Balancing Calories & Nutrition

Since the patient has to follow a restricted diet, all their nutrition should come from the small amount of food they are eating. An increase in fats and carbohydrates can cause the patient to gain weight. On the other hand, if the body does not have enough fats and carbohydrates, it can result in loss of body protein which can cause loss of body function. Patients may experience cracked nails, hair loss, and problems with healing. It can be difficult to achieve, but patients can strike a balance by working in protein supplements in their diet.  Many patients look for ways to spice up their protein shakes, so that their protein shakes aren’t too bland

Supplements can be used to provide the patients the necessary nutrition after the gastric sleeve surgery. This allows them to keep the calories in check without compromising on the quality of nutrition.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss surgery does require people to follow a disciplined diet plan. Patients should make sure that they get regular medical checkups with their bariatric surgeon or office, to ensure that their body is healthy and not under any kind of nutrient stress. Supplements will also help them to get the necessary nutrition they need. It is not easy at first, but as the patient develops a schedule, the “diet” becomes a new lifestyle. Long-term weight loss success is all about an overall lifestyle change.

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