Liquid Dieting, Pre-Surgery

Have you heard someone say that Bariatric Surgery is the easy way out? I would say nay. As I prepared for my surgery, I began my liquid diet which included broth, fat free cream soups, sugar-free Jello, Propel and protein shakes. It was difficult. Going from eating 2,000ish calories a day to drinking my nutrition was not easy. I say nay that this is an easy way!

One evening, as my family ate a $5.00 Hot & Now Pizza, I hid away in a bath. Calgon did not take me away but instead I spent an hour listing everything that I wanted to eat. I felt defeated. I felt empty. Nothing felt easy. As the temperature of the water cooled and so did my need for food. I asked the Lord to strengthen me. I felt like I could press forward to the goal before me. I was able to join my family the rest of the night instead of hiding in my weakness.

I would like to lie and say that I did not struggle again with the fast but that would be dishonest. The night before my clear liquid diet, I decided all this is not for me. Am I really that big? Do I weigh enough for this surgery? Then, I thought of the diets that I had yet to try…would x-y-z diet work instead of surgery? I was lovingly pointed to truth: My insurance company, the doctors, and the scales declared me morbidly obese. I qualified. The book of Hebrews tells us:  “let us run with endurance the race that is set before us”. I say yay!


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