Liquid Diet/Soft Diet


For my last week of “living on the edge”,or as some people say my “food funeral”  I chose my favorite things: sushi, Shrimp tacos, Chic Fil A, pizza, and hit my favorite meat-and-3 for chicken and dressing. Then, I opened my last Dr Pepper around 6pm the night before my liquid diet began. I hear the fizz even now…

Enough about the food, I began my liquid diet the same day as my nutrition class. Great timing for the encouragement!! Luckily, the nutritionist told me to pack a cooler with protein drinks, water, yogurts and such because the cafeteria was not liquid diet friendly.

The week passed with high emotions as I missed food. I did paint our kitchen as a distraction and did not cheat once. I had a sweet friend who made me coconut soup, one of my favorites. The day before the surgery was longgggg but I survived my clear liquid day. I arrived at the hospital with peace in my heart and ready for this procedure. I was not hungry that day which I think was a gift from the Lord.

Once I was at home, I concentrated on taking my meds, giving my shots, and counting protein. I could only have 1/3 package of weight control oatmeal, or 1/3 of a yogurt or 1/4can of soups. I had read about dehydration being a factor, so I took sips of water in my little 3oz plastic cups often….just 30 minutes before or after I ate.

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