How to Get Back On Track

When You Mess Up After Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery helps people struggling with obesity to get rid of their excess weight and gives them a foundation to start a healthier life. However, it is common for people to fall into their older habits as their weight loss rate gets slower and they hit a plateau after bariatric surgery. Very soon, they start regaining the weight they lost. This can be disheartening and lead to a vicious cycle that can lead to multiple psychological and physical problems. If you have fallen into this trap, then it’s time for you to take some serious steps to correct course.

Stop & Take Stock

Usually, when the patients fall off the wagon the first time, they lose their drive. It is critical to get out of the negative mindset and embrace the fact that it is normal to falter at times. You have to look at the bigger picture and keep yourself motivated. You may have gained a few pounds, after gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, but they can always be lost again by following an exercise regimen and forging a better relationship with food.

Create a Controlled Environment.

You may have lost control of your diet due to the holiday season, a move to a new city, or some other emotional stressors. However, it is always possible to regain control by planning your day ahead. Pack healthy snacks and meals for school and work. Also, get rid of all the junk foods in your kitchen cabinet. This way, you will not have anything unhealthy to eat when you get those cravings in the middle of the night. That’s the surest way to fight weight regain.

Pouch Test

Weight loss surgery helps patients fight obesity by creating smaller stomach pouches. The smaller stomach then becomes a part of your new digestive system. However, due to overeating, the small pouch may distend and become bigger. You can help the stomach return to its original smaller form by following the Pouch Reset or the Pouch Test. The Pouch Reset is all about starting a healthy lifestyle to help your body shed its weight.

The Pouch Test includes re-training the mind, drinking lots of liquids, and integrating more protein in your food. It helps you get back on the track to continue to lose weight after bariatric surgery.

Have a Vision

Losing considerable weight following a weight loss surgery can be a significant milestone. However, it is challenging to keep the drive after losing the first bout of weight. To maintain your healthy weight, it is crucial that you always have a clear vision for your life after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. Envision yourself going to a wedding in the family, dancing at a New Years’ party, or doing something else that excites you. Such a vision helps you get your motivation back and create the purpose that many people lose after weight loss surgery when they first lose substantial weight.

Bariatric surgery offers you an incredible opportunity to live a life you always wanted. However, at the end of the day, it falls upon you to keep the momentum going. Join a weight loss support group or get additional assistance from your bariatric surgeon to get the necessary emotional and medical help to get you back on the path to your ideal weight.  For daily motivation, tips and tricks to help you stay on track, follow WLS Afterlife on your favorite social media platform.

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