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Did you know that weight loss surgery patients CAN use Healthy Wage???? OK, first off, you do have to be at least 1 year out from surgery, check it out,  it’s in their rules.  Plus we reached out to them and confirmed that our community of bariatric patients are welcome in their program.

Here’s the lowdown on Healthy Wage, you go their calculator, put in your weight loss goal, your time frame and your monthly wager amount. It shows you what you can make if you hit your goal. Talk about an added incentive to hit that goal weight.

Check out some of their success stories.


Anastasia needed to lose 41lbs. She was living in Washington state and felt too overweight to enjoy all of her access to the great outdoors. She was introduced to HealthyWage and ended up winning $10,000 after betting on her weight loss.


Amanda was tired of carrying around the extra weight after her last pregnancy. After her 3rd pregnancy, Amanda decided that she needed to focus on finally losing the baby weight. The bet that she could loose 70lbs in 6months and won over $3000 for a new non-maternity wear wardrobe.

If you are needing an extra incentive for your weight loss and you are money-motivated, then check out HealthyWage. We do our best to promote the best tips and tricks for weight loss surgery patients and this is no exception. Make sure that you read over their rules. There is no refund if you change your mind, but we think it’s a great option if you are needing that extra push to either hit your goal weight, or if you have gained weight and are wanting to get back on track.

HealthyWage (as seen on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless other media outlets) pays you to lose weight. Make a HealthyWager today and see how much you can win when you bet on yourself.

This page contains an affiliate link, meaning that WLS Afterlife would get a commission if you decide to purchase something based off of this information.  This will not increase your costs of any products or service.  Please see our affiliate disclosure for more details. 

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