Getting support after weight loss surgery

Weight loss is hard and that is why people need to find a constant source of support during the post-operative period. In fact, studies have shown that patients who join a weight loss surgery support group lose 12% more weight on an average. There are a variety of reasons that support why patients should seek support after the weight loss surgery.

Understanding and Empathy

When someone undergoes bariatric surgery, there is a need for constant support. The period before and after the surgery puts them under a lot of mental and physical pressure. There are many emotional and social pressures to deal with too. They need people who can understand what they are exactly going through. Close family members and friends can be a great source of support. However, patients also need to find a support group of other people who have experienced or are experiencing what they are going through.

The support group will help the patients understand that they are not alone. It also plays a critical role in identifying any abnormal after-effects they might be experiencing and help take prompt action.

Propel Forward

Motivation plays a huge part in making or breaking a weight loss journey. Patients should keep positive people around them, who can always push them to move forward. They can find this support from family, friends, and community support groups or even through online support.

As patients of weight loss surgery, it is common for people to be judged for their decisions. There are a million views out there, but they should try to remember why that made the decision based on their unique circumstances and life goals. Every patient should surround themselves with those who appreciate the intent behind the surgery and motivate them constantly to stay on track.

Keep on track

Patients of a bariatric surgery do not have to just go through the physical changes; they have to work through a rigorous post-surgery schedule too. They have to be disciplined about their diet, physical activity, and more. They need someone to come alongside them to help keep them from falling off the wagon. They need people who can point out what they did wrong and show them a better way. In some cases, professional help or a focused support group work best.

Regular visits to support group meetings can help patients correct course quickly if they get off track. These meetings can work as education after weight loss surgery. They see other patients reeling under the same problems and powering through their situation. Support groups also have checks and balances in place. They can have a regular weight checks to find out if they are doing as expected.

Final Thoughts

A weight loss surgery is only a pit stop in the weight loss journey and by no means, the end of it. It is important for patients to embrace this fact. They should undertake the post-op journey with excitement. However, if they find themselves lagging behind, or losing focus there are many people who can lend a hand and help them catch up. Friends, family and the bariatric support groups together create this network of positivity that can make any weight loss journey a resounding success.

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