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Edamame Tuna Salad | Bariatric Recipe

Spice up Your Weight Loss Diet 🔥

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Asian Inspired Edamame Tuna Salad | Bariatric Friendly Recipe

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Add a little spice to your life! 🔥 Is your post bariatric surgery diet feeling bland or repetitive? Then keep scrolling because this is the recipe for you. We know that changing to bariatric meals after weight loss surgery is a big step, but you don’t have to sacrifice flavor when you move to a bariatric meal plan.

This weight loss friendly recipe is perfect to meet your protein requirements for the day; it includes tuna (a great source of protein) and edamame (includes 17g of protein per cup!) If you like that idea, keep reading to find out more about our Edamame Tuna Salad recipe

With just a few simple ingredients thrown into the bowl, you have a tasty tuna salad ready before you finish an episode of your favorite tv show!

If you are looking for a recipe that is easy and will fit into your bariatric meal plan, then this Edamame Tuna Salad should be added to your bariatric meal prepping. Perfect for life after VSG, life after gastric bypass or any other weight loss surgery, this recipe is a different flavor profile and will help with boredom on the bariatric diet.

The miso and chili oil kick this weight loss recipe up a notch- it tastes nothing like your average tuna salad. After the last stage of your post-surgery diet you could even use this recipe as a dip- call it “tuna roll dip” or “tuna roll unwrapped” and dip your favorite pepper or the whole edamame pod in it.

Your prep time is under 10 minutes! Super fast and delicious- what more can you ask for in a recipe? Scroll down for the full recipe and PDF download ⬇️

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Bariatric Tuna Salad Recipe

Edamame Tuna Salad Ingredients

1 can of tuna (5oz)

1 Tbsp hot chili oil (to taste- add more if you want more of a kick!)

2 tsp minced onion

1 ½ tsp white miso

Salt & Pepper to taste

¼ cup shelled edamame


1. Add the first 5 ingredients in a bowl and mix

2. Add in the edamame

3.Gently stir (don’t break up the edamame)

5. Serve the edamame tuna salad and Enjoy!

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