Did I really just say “I forgot to eat”?


There are some things a big girl never says: (1) “my jeans fit so great right out of the dryer”, (2) “So glad that it is warm enough to wear short shorts” and (3) “I forgot to eat”. In all my food centered 40+ years, I cannot recall saying the later. Yet, I have not only said it today, I said it yesterday too….

Yesterday was our son’s 12th birthday and we started off the day with friends and chick-n-minis. I had 2 nuggets eating over an hour or two and celebrated a yummy 7 grams of protein. Somewhere between the play date, Costco, and piano lessons, I realized that I had not eaten or had anything to drink in hours. Today, we had 12 friends playing at our house for hours and they had hot chocolate in the morning, pizza at lunch and cookie cake and chips for snacks. However, I said the following: “I forgot to eat”.

As I am learning, you cannot skip meals, you cannot save up for your next meal (like with weight watchers when you are saving your points for a big dinner out) and you cannot not go 5 hours without protein in form of either drink or food. I have skipped lunch and snack both days. Its 7:17 on Saturday night and I am ready for bed. My tank is on “E”.

I encourage you to set your timers, schedules, appointments, etc. to make sure that you are getting in your multivitamins, B12, calcium, protein and water. I have been so use to head hunger than I had not needed a reminder to eat….8 weeks post op, I am setting up my phone to remind me so I will be able to have nutrition as we enter a beautiful yet busy Christmas Season! Eat, drink and be merry….as long as you get in 64oz of protein!?

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