Creating Your “After Weight Loss Surgery” Bucket Lists

You may be planning to undergo a weight loss surgery or recuperating from one. In either case, you must have planned on certain things that you will do once you lose the excess weight. It can be the things you have been too overweight, unfit, or possibly, embarrassed to do in the past. So, if weight loss surgery is in the cards, then it’s time you make your bucket list. It will help you stay motivated to lose weight and make your journey more rewarding. If you do not have a ‘bucket list after weight loss surgery’ yet, then here are a few suggestions. If you already have a bucket list, then you can add a few more activities to it.

Forget the Weight Restrictions

Many adventure sports lay down weight restrictions to ensure the safety of the individual. These include sky diving, horseback riding, tubing, and more. Your weight may have prevented you from enjoying these fun activities before, but you do not have to be on the sidelines anymore. Add these weight-restricted items to your bucket list, you will soon be enjoying them.

Size Does Not Matter

You have to fit into a harness to zip line, a rather narrow boat to go kayaking, and into the seats of a ride at a carnival. After bariatric surgery, you will. As the surgery takes away the excess fat you have been carrying around, you may get into the best shape of your life. With the dietary changes and regular exercises, your size is only going to go down. So, you will be able to zoom away on a zip line, paddle a kayak, and sit on any wild ride at the carnival or amusement park.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush

With a big size, it usually becomes difficult to do things that involve a lot of activity. The excessive weight puts a lot of pressure on your limbs, your heart, and other organs. In fact, it can be dangerous to push it too much. After the gastric bypass surgery, the pressure on your heart and limbs is significantly reduced. At such a time, you can enjoy activities like sky diving, surfing, obstacle races, and more. As you take a dive out of a plane or see the finish line of a 5K obstacle race, you will feel the sense of achievement you haven’t felt in a long time.

You Do You

Obesity not only takes a toll on physical health, but also affects the psychological health. People keep from doing simple things like wearing bathing suits, dancing, riding a bike, and more because they feel embarrassed to go out. After weight loss surgery, fill your bucket list with the items you have stopped yourself from doing before – dance in the rain, play on a trampoline, wear clothes you want, and more.

Your bucket list after weight loss surgery is yours to fill. So, write down what you have always dreamed of doing after losing weight and realize it. It’s your time.

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