Coffee Protein Whip

Recently, we have been seeing the wave of whipped coffee cover all social media spheres. So naturally we figured we’d try our hand at it and see how we can improve upon the recipe and make it bariatric friendly and full of protein!

To do this, we grabbed our favorite protein powder and made a shake to substitute the whole milk base used in the original whipped coffee recipe. Then, the fun part – the whipped coffee topping! To make this light and fluffy with light brown peaks, we whipped it by hand, but if you have a hand mixer then definitely take advantage of technology and crank it up! After whipping until the peaks started to form, we grabbed our protein shake, placed it in a cute glass and placed generous dollops of the coffee whip on top! The end result was a strong and bold flavor provided by the coffee whip that was brought down to form a thick mocha flavor (we used chocolate protein powder, but feel free to use whatever protein powder you have on hand!) We were glad to have a chocolate protein shake as the base to pair well and balance out the strong whipped coffee flavor, however vanilla protein powder would likely taste just as good, especially for those who enjoy a hearty espresso! Before our taste testers even reached the bottom of the glasses, we knew we had an instant hit our hands! The caffeine and fierce coffee flavor packs the necessary punch to wake us up, while the protein shake acts as a chaser to effectively nullify any overly strong coffee flavor, and deliver protein needed for a productive day! Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or not, we feel confident that you will be hooked on this recipe from the first cup!


2 tbsp instant coffee

2 tsp sugar substitute

2 tbsp hot water

Make a protein shake as normal (water and protein powder)


Begin by preparing your protein shake. Add the desired amount of water and protein powder to your blender bottle and shake until fully mixed. Pour into a glass over ice to chill while the topping is being prepared.

In a medium bowl, pour in the instant coffee, sugar substitute and hot water. Grab your whisk or hand mixer and beat until you see peaks of coffee whip begin to form. Once formed, scoop the topping over your protein. Serve and enjoy immediately!

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