Carbonation after weight loss surgery

Carbonation after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be a life-changing experience. It is becoming an increasingly common choice for people who want permanent weight loss. However, surgery alone cannot achieve the desired results. The patients must bring life-long changes in their eating habits to maintain their weight loss. This includes a tailored diet plan that the patients must follow. Apart from this, they must generally avoid some items as part of their diet. Carbonated drinks are one of them.

Reasons to Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks like soda, beer, or sparkling water can cause tremendous harm to a patient who just had their weight loss surgery. Here are the top reasons to avoid carbonated drinks.

Stomach Pains

Consuming drinks with carbonation after weight loss surgery can cause severe complications in patients. The drinks can get into the new gastric pouch, which can cause acute pain in the stomach.  Having a carbonated beverage soon after surgery can make it difficult to know if the pain is being caused by gas or a serious issue after surgery.

Dumping Syndrome

Dumping syndrome can occur in patients after weight loss surgery. It is caused by undigested sugars leaving the stomach and entering the small intestine. The intestines attract water to dilute the sugar concentration, which inevitably produces a drop in the blood volume. Understandably, Dumping Syndrome causes diarrhea, nausea, weakness, and cold sweats.

Hampers Weight Loss

Carbonated drinks can cause the stomach pouch to stretch if ingested regularly and with meals. The larger pouch makes the patients feel hungry, which negates the effects of weight loss surgery.  Most carbonated beverages like soda and beer also come with unneeded extra calories which will not help the weight loss.


Better Drinks

Weight loss surgery and carbonated drinks do not go well together. So, what can bariatric patients drink? Here are some of the better alternatives for patients of weight loss surgery.


Zero-calorie and hydrating beverages like water, work wonders for patients of bariatric surgery. They help the patients fill up so that they do not binge on foods when they are bored. It is easy to get fed up of drinking just water all the time so patients can flavor the beverage with lemons, limes, mint, oranges, and other such flavors.

Decaffeinated Beverages

Coffee and tea are better beverages than carbonated drinks like sparkling water. However, it is preferable that they drink decaffeinated versions of these beverages. Caffeine leads to dehydration, and patients should not subject their body to water stress after weight loss surgery.


Milk is another nutritious and healthy drink. It is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin D, Calcium, and protein. These nutrients help in keeping the bones and the muscles strong, which is extremely important when patients are on a limited diet. Cashew, Coconut and Almond milk don’t have the additives or ingredients that tend to irritate some patients and tend to be better options that other milks.


Say No to Carbonated Beverages

After a weight loss surgery, the body is recuperating and adjusting to a new ‘normal’. In such a situation, drinking carbonated drinks can bring the weight loss journey to a grinding halt. So, it is better to switch to healthier options that quench the thirst and support the weight loss regimen of the patients.

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