Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens, The only way to start the new year!

Bariatric Friendly Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens

There are several classic New Year’s Eve traditions. The most common, pop a bottle of champagne or share a kiss with someone special. If you’re living in the south, another popular tradition that encompasses NYE traditions is treating yourself to a bowl of black eyed peas and collard greens.

Today we’re making a southern traditional meal that is believed to increase your chances for a year of prosperity, but we gave it a bariatric twist. Start the new year off right with our blacked eyed peas and collard greens recipe. 

Coming out of the holiday season and entering the new year can be stressful for weight loss surgery patients. Especially if you’ve fallen off track of your bariatric diet. With our blacked-eye peas recipe, not only will you find this dish to be warm and delicious, but you’ll be happy to know that we upped the protein count especially for our weight loss surgery followers.

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The southern tradition of consuming black-eyed peas goes as far back as the 1900s. Round foods resemble coins and money, and many believe that consuming these symbolic foods can bring forth a financially successful new year.

Whether you choose to follow this southern new year tradition or not, our blacked-eyed pea dish is very nutritional. Instead of pork, we substituted turkey bacon into this recipe which is lower in fat and still contains a decent amount of protein. As a bariatric patient, you know how important it is to maintain a decent protein count so with that in mind we added 1 scoop of unflavored protein powder.

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, blacked-eyed peas are low in fat sodium and contain zero cholesterol. They are rich in minerals that are important to your body such as potassium, iron and are high in fiber. A one-half cup serving of cooked black-eyed peas counts as one ounce of lean meat. 

Overall this recipe was easy to make and can be enjoyed by everyone.. If you’re planning on re-creating this black eyed peas and collard greens recipe and taking part in the southern tradition, let us know on social media. We’d love to see how you enjoy it!

As always, we recommend our WLS Afterlife viewers follow their doctor’s dietary guidelines, regardless of our black eyed peas and collard greens recipe instructions. WLS Afterlife is dedicated to presenting new bariatric-friendly meals weekly so you can continue to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to enjoy!  If we listed an ingredient you were told to avoid, write to us so we may provide you with plenty of other tasty alternatives.

cooking the black eyed peas and collard greens

Black eyed peas and collard greens ingredients 

1/2lb black-eyed peas

1lb turkey bacon

1/2 onion

4 strips pork bacon

1lb collard greens

1T minced garlic

1 bay leaf

6C chicken stock

1t thyme

1 scoop protein powder (Check out of Amazon Storefront for some great options)


1. Cover 1/2lb black-eyed peas with 2″ of water. Cover with lid and soak overnight

2. Drain, rinse well and set aside

3. Chop 1lb of turkey bacon and brown over med heat

4. Add 1/2 onion – chopped and 1T minced garlic. Cook about 5 minutes – until onions are soft

5. Add 1 bay leaf, 1t thyme, soaked black-eyed peas, 6C chicken stock – stir together

6. Add 4 strips of pork bacon (this is for flavor – to be discarded before serving)

7. Bring to a boil. Skim off any foam. Reduce heat to simmer and cover for 30 minutes

8. Add 1lb collard greens – chopped and stemmed. Stir in and bring to a boil

9. Cover and simmer additional 10 minutes

10. Remove pork bacon and discard

11. Add 1 scoop of protein of your choice and stir until dissolved

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