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Berry Italian Ice | Easy Bariatric Dessert Recipe

Don’t deprive yourself of all sweets, try our Berry Italian Ice with no sugar added

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet, this no sugar added Berry Italian Ice, should hit the spot. Made with fresh seasonal berries, it’s a great bariatric dessert recipe.

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There is something about fresh seasonal fruit! That is a big reason that we love this bariatric dessert recipe. Made from fresh berries, it’s a light and fresh dessert option for life after weight loss surgery. Now, if you haven’t had much fresh fruit since surgery and you aren’t sure how your stomach will handle this recipe, take it slow. Some people have trouble with the sugars in fruit.

That being said, there are no added sugars in the bariatric dessert recipe. We used 3 different fruits, but you can do 1 type of berries or mix a few different types. We know that it may be hard to find 3 different kinds or fresh berries at different times of the year.

While there aren’t many ingredients in our Berry Italian Ice Recipe, there is a little bit of extra time during freezing to work it into the right consistency for Italian Ice. Other than that, it’s a super easy bariatric recipe, with just a few ingredients.

You can see that there are less than a handful of ingredients for this bariatric dessert recipe. Looking for more Dessert Recipes? Check out this link for more bariatric desserts.

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Make sure when you are straining the fruit juices that you get as much as possible. Discard the seeds and skin after you finish straining.

straining juice for Berry Italian Ice

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small bowl with Berry Italian Ice, bariatric dessert recipe

Ingredients for Berry Italian Ice Recipe

1 small container blackberries
1 small container blueberries
1 small container raspberries
Juice of half a lemon
1-2 packets sugar alternative


Before you begin, clean your berries thoroughly then rinse and remove any remaining
In a blender, squeeze half a lemon then add berries, one batch at a time. Add your sugar
alternative and blend until smooth.
Place a strainer on top of a medium bowl and strain your mixture, pushing the juice and
fruit through with a spatula. This might take a few times to get it fully strained.
Discard the remaining seeds and skin.
Pour mixture into a dish or platter and set in freezer. Check your mixture every 10 minutes,
spooning the frozen parts around the edges and mixing them into the center. You’ll repeat
this step until your mixture has a slushy consistency.
*For leftovers: Cover and keep frozen in your freezer. When you’re ready to
eat it, let it sit

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