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Infused water is the perfect way to unlock ultimate health benefits and to stay hydrated all day long. After bariatric surgery, one common side effect for patients, is becoming dehydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, darker urine, dry skin, and lightheadedness. Infusing your water can not only help you reach the appropriate hydration goals recommended by your doctor but you can also unlock some great health benefits from the fruits and herbs you decide to incorporate into your infused water. 

Before you decide which fruits and herbs to mix, you should know what benefits you can get out of each one. You can only benefit from testing out different combinations and recipes, and our wish for you is that you find the perfect recipe that suits your needs. Know what potential benefits you can have from each of these fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We have summarized a variety of fruits and herbs that are most common for infusing with water.

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Keep in mind that infusing your water is a holistic approach to better health. Achieving your weight loss goals and living a healthier life is the result of many factors. Everyone goes through a unique weight loss experience and our main goal at WLS Afterlife is to be a resource for those adjusting to life after weight loss surgery. 

Our recommendation to activate each of the fruit’s and herb’s nutrients is to peel the skin or muddle them a bit, which will help release more of their flavors in your infused water. Overall, infusing your water is meant to help increase your hydration level which is vital for good health. 

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Please note that we always recommend our WLS Afterlife viewers follow their doctor’s dietary guidelines, regardless of our infused water recipe instructions. If we listed an ingredient you were told to avoid, write to us so we may provide you with plenty of other tasty alternatives.

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Fruits & Vegetables in your infused water:


  • Helps aid digestion and the lime juice helps your saliva break down food
  • Several studies have linked citrus fruits to reduced risk of certain types of cancer. 
  • Limes contain vitamin C and are packed with antioxidants which are both great for skin quality and can help boost your immune system.


  • Lemon water is a great source of vitamin C. Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and antioxidants that help boost your immune system. 
  • Lemon water also supports weight loss because it promotes fullness, which may decrease calorie intake. 
  • Lemon water can help freshen breath, especially after eating foods with strong odors.


  • Oranges as most know are full of vitamin C which we all know by now serves to boost your immune system. 
  • Oranges can also help lower your cholesterol. Hesperidin is a compound found in the fruit’s peel, so it doesn’t hurt to leave the peel on when you combine it with your water.
  • Drinking orange water can help prevent kidney stones from forming. Oranges contain citrate which helps block kidney stones.


  • Blueberries are known for their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can help you detox.
  • Blueberries also have anti-aging properties because of the antioxidants that they contain. Specifically, they contain polyphenolic which helps protect cells from aging.
  • Helps promote cardiovascular health. Being that blueberries are a powerful source of antioxidants, they work to reduce the build-up of LDL cholesterol in your arteries. 


  • Raspberries are a great source of vitamin A and K
  • Adding raspberries to your water is a great source of antioxidants
  • Helps improve your digestive system as they are a great source of fiber


  • Strawberries like most citrus fruits contain a great number of antioxidants.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and helps improve your heart health.
  • Strawberries contain fiber which can help with digestion.


  • Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system.
  • Cucumbers contain potassium. Potassium can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Cucumbers are also high in vitamin B-5, which has been linked to improve and treat acne.

Herbs in your infused water:


  • Mint contains menthol quality which can help clear nasal passages.
  • Mint water can help fight bad breath.
  • Mint is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, manganese, and folate. 


  • Basil contains antioxidants that can benefit your body’s health.
  • Basil has water-soluble plant chemicals, which can protect white blood cells.
  • Adding basil to water can also be beneficial for anti-inflammatory purposes. 


  • Ginger is full of antioxidants which plays an important role in fighting off free radicals
  • Ginger water contains choline which helps your metabolism, helps your mood, and muscle functions. 
  • Ginger alone has been used to treat nausea. There are studies showing ginger can help reduce symptoms of nausea and improve that upset stomach feeling.
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