How Influencers & Amazon Storefronts Can Help Your Bariatric Journey

Using your digital community to find must-have bariatric products 

If you’ve read the title of this blog, you may be thinking… how can a social media influencer on Amazon help me with my weight loss surgery journey?

First, think about what has helped you so far on your bariatric journey. Has it been the support of your family? Motivation from a friend? The help of a dietitian? Whatever it may be, these things all have 1 thing in common, COMMUNITY.

Let’s admit it, bariatric surgery isn’t just a quick fix or a short term event. It’s a long term commitment to change, physically and mentally. For most bariatric patients, the support from the people around them is what helps to push through those tough moments and create lasting results. We can’t do this on our own, “It takes a village,” as some may say.

One of the smartest things you can do is USE YOUR RESOURCES and take advantage of the support from the bariatric community. This is where influencers and social media accounts like WLS Afterlife come into play.

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of bariatric patients and organizations who are social media influencers on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. These people are all part of the bariatric community. They post their stories, tips, and tricks that have helped them on their bariatric journey. If you don’t have a strong support network at home, or don’t know many people who have had weight loss surgery, FOLLOW INFLUENCERS.

Tip 1: Follow people who inspire you, have great tips, and are encouraging/educating their followers.

If you’re active on social media already, why not fill your feed with people who are inspirational and help educate you about how to be better on your bariatric journey? Influencers have great recommendations for recipes and life hacks; they also post relatable things about their mental health or obstacles they’ve run into. These things can all help you feel like you’re not alone and educate you on ways to make your life after bariatric surgery easier. 

Tip 2: Use Amazon Storefronts to find affordable products and snacks to make your life after bariatric surgery easier.

An influencer storefront is a platform for influencers to suggest products and allows you to “shop” their favorite items. For example: An influencer may be using their favorite blender bottle in a Reel, then they say “click the link in bio to buy on my storefront.” When you click the storefront link, you’ll be directed to the item, you can view other bariatric products or choose to buy the product. It won’t cost you any more to shop on their storefronts.  It’s just an easy place for them to collect and share their favorite products.

Social media and Influencer Storefront’s are FREE online resources to make your life easier. Use them.

Whether it’s bariatric portion cups, smaller utensils, or  bariatric snacks that you can’t find in-store, Amazon has it all. We have tons of bariatric must-haves to make your life post WLS a breeze on our WLS Afterlife Storefront. We know people are looking for bariatric cookbooks, bariatric snacks and tools to help with bariatric meal prep.

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