Appointment: 3:00pm, January 27

I dialed the number, made the appointment, and yes, I went to the consultation. (For your information, not free but well worth the expense.) Before going to the appointment, I listened to a seminar by the doctors….very powerful. What I remember the most are these words by the doctor:

“If a patient asked me how to shorten their life-span, I would tell them ‘First: Start Smoking. Second: Become Obese’.”

Did he just say this? To me? Have I been subconsciously harming my body? Yet, I am a fun, life loving, jolly mother of two and wife of one? How could I possibly be shortening my life span? Nothing is more important than my family. Yet, I go through that drive thru for a chicken sandwich which adds to my already high cholesterol. I love having fun with my kids…playing Uno, reading a book or watching a movie. No longer participating in the cardio on the trampoline or walking around the pond at the park. AS they scooter about our driveway, I stay seated cheering them to greater success. My heart’s desire is to cheer them on as highschoolers, then collegiate students, courtships and families of their own. I want to grow old with my husband and enjoy the golden years, not be attached to an oxygen machine or an iv. Is it the Lord’s will that I grow old? Maybe, maybe not. But I know that it is His will for me to care for my temple and to serve Him as I am on this earth. Can I do that being obese? I can say yes, I have already done so with ministries and mission trips. However, I do believe that He has more for me….a plan for me to prosper and not be harmed….this includes a slow death with my nutritional intake.  

I digress…..yes, back to the appointment. The doctor was friendly and slender?. He asked questions, I asked questions. Then, the fun began. I got to weigh in as well as have my picture taken by a kind nurse. I stood in front of the “wall of success”: pictures of the patients with how much weight lost written under the photograph. I see these ladies: Betty, 25 pounds. Sherry, 80 pounds. Jennifer, 50 pounds in only three months. Will I make it to that wall?? Will I be a success story which encourages others to do what they need to do? It is the desire of my heart. And I want to grow old.

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