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9 Ways to Get Your Steps In after Bariatric Surgery

Daily exercise on top of your new diet after bariatric surgery is a double whammy 👊 A great combo for transformation- not just in numbers on a scale, but in overall wellness, mentally and physically. Here are some ways to get your steps in!

Exercise can be so many things, not just running on a treadmill or lifting weights in a gym. Let’s face it, working out in front of a bunch of people can be a little intimidating for some, and THAT’S OKAY. Regardless of what fitness influencers say on Instagram, weight training isn’t a necessity for everyone- just ask your doctor or nutritionist.

A great way to start daily exercise after weight loss surgery is by simply walking and making time to get your steps in.

Regular walks can help burn calories, strengthen your heart, ease joint pain, boost mood, lower blood sugar, and maintain overall wellness. Sometimes adding just a little bit of activity can make a world of difference in your everyday routine.

Whether you use a FitBit, Apple Watch, or time your walks, here are 10 easy ways to get your steps in after bariatric surgery.

Easy ways to get your Walks/Steps in post bariatric surgery ⬇️

Take a walk when you are talking on the phone.

1. Walk when you’re on the Phone

Any time you’re on a call, personal or work related, stand up and walk. For those with a desk job this can make a huge difference in how active you are! No matter your age or where you work- sitting down in front of a computer all day can’t be conducive to improving your health. So get up and get those steps in any time the phone rings.

someone walking in the morning
Take a morning walk

2. Take a Walk every Morning

Skip scrolling through your phone/checking emails in the bed, get up and take a walk! Use this time as a way to focus on your day, set your goals, or be mindful & thankful for your surroundings. This can help improve your daily routine and circadian rhythm, your body will eventually get accustomed to your daily walk.

Park and walk. No need to be on the front row.

3. Park far away

Get some brownie points with your coworkers and let them have the closer parking spots; or leave the close spaces at the grocery store for the people who really need them. Park farther away, this is a super simple way to make a small change to something you do daily to increase steps and lengthen your walking time.

Father and son preparing to run together

4. Play with your kids!

Kids have lots of energy and love running around- especially with their parents! Take some time out of your day to simply play with your little ones no matter what age. If you have a toddler, chase them around your yard, you could take your 5 year old on a walk to the park, or your middle schooler to the trampoline park! This is a great way for you to stay active, get your steps in and make cherished memories with your kiddies.

Walking and talking can be a great date.

5. Go on a Walking Date

Next time you have extra time with your SO, or need an idea for a first date- go walking! Whether y’all walk around the local park or at a cool hiking spot, this is an awesome way to get your steps in. You’ve got plenty of time to focus on each other while staying active.

Woman talking the stairs to get steps in
Take the stairs to get your steps in

6. Take the Stairs

An oldie but goodie- this tip is still relevant today. Walking up the stairs won’t change your schedule in any way, taking the stairs may be faster than the elevator in some instances.

Picture of walking the dog to get your steps in after weight loss surgery.
Walk the family dog to get your steps in

7. Walk your Dog

Take your pup on a walk every day- this isn’t just good for you but for your furry friend too! If you already have a dog and do this, hold yourself accountable and don’t skip any days. It’s easy to say “I’ll take Max on a walk tomorrow,” really push yourself to take your bud on a walk DAILY- consistency is key to change!

Get some extra steps in by having your own little dance party.

8. Have a Dance Party

Who says you can’t have a dance party by yourself? Turn on your favorite tunes and move, this is a fun way to get your heart rate up and add in more steps for the day. Try this on your speaker and play the music (if you can) out loud. Although this may seem silly at first, playing music out loud makes it feel like a dance party. Don’t want to disturb someone in the same house? Feel free to pop in those earbuds and dance like no one is watching.

picture of group of women getting steps in
Grab your office friends and head out for a short walk after lunch.

9. Take a Short Walk after you Eat

Walking after you eat can help aid digestion. If you’ve got some extra time after you eat on your lunch break, walk around the office; or take time to walk outside in the fresh air after dinner at home.

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