40 things I have learned losing The First 40lbs Post Op

  1. The mind stays hungry even when the pouch is full. Is there a surgery for that?
  2. Your staples being removed post-surgery does not hurt if your doctor goes slowly. No worries there.
  3. Incision scars fade…. in time. Six days out, your stomach looks like a poster child for Frankenstein. Six weeks out, not as scary.
  4. You can have jello. It was brought to my hospital room three times a day during my stay.
  5. I can give myself shots in my stomach every day for 30 days without fainting once. Blood thinners were a must for me but oh, how I celebrated when I was finished.
  6. Bruises from shots fade….in time.
  7. Primere Protein drinks are my favorite, both chocolate and vanilla. Shake it up by adding pb2, sugar free flavorings, pb2 and a portion of a banana if you want them to stay your favorite.
  8. After drinking protein shakes for 6 weeks, you may not like them anymore. Drink them anyway.
  9. A warm protein shake, say orange dreamsicle, will turn you off of ever having it again. Too bad, I have 32 servings left. Keep them cold!
  10. Journal every item that goes into your mouth….it is great accountability and helps you keep track of protein. Even if you think you can keep up with it in your head, you cannot.
  11. Drinking coffee the last 5 years has kept me regular; not drinking coffee the last 5 weeks has screwed me up.
  12. Constipation is not from the Lord. He created our bodies and I think it is to poo more than every 4-5 days?
  13. Enemas. Benefiber. Water. Prunes. Milk of Mag only on special occasions. These are a few of my favorite things.
  14. Do not weigh every day. It does not help you ….if you chose to do so, you will be in chains with the scale instead of focusing on good health.
  15. I keep the scale put away and take it out on Wednesdays and Sundays. My husband actually did this to help me but it was so helpful.
  16. Drink your water in small cups, especially in the beginning. You can buy 3oz clear cups then work your way to 5oz cups. Get the big pack because you will go through 80 before you know it.
  17. Find small eating utensils…dessert forks, to-go toddler sets, cocktail forks and spoons. My personal favorite is a spork from Taco Bell. It helps you to eat small amounts.
  18. Eating slow is so important. I once had a baby carrot diced up but since I ate it so fast, you would have thought that I had just consumed the world’s largest carrot. Reject/eject.
  19. Most of my “meals” are served in small glass bowls. There are all kinds of mini cubes, dipping bowls and small eating-ware that makes your 2-3oz look like a meal.
  20. Food is best pureed in your mouth…if you chose to chew and chew and chew and chew some more.
  21. Cornbread Dressing is not allowed on soft diet. Yes, it is soft. Yes, it is good. However, it swells up and it feels like you are about to pop a stitch.
  22. Saltines are soft. They are not as good as dressing but you will love a crunch after all liquids. Luckily, I don’t struggle with over eating saltines.
  23. Oyster crackers make soup fun, no matter if you are 4 or 40.
  24. Breakfast on the soft diet is very satisfying…egg whites, high protein oatmeal, and special k protein cereal. Just measure the intended amount.
  25. I don’t like egg whites any more than I like eggs.
  26. I have tried sausage twice, I have rejected it (or ejected it) twice. Fool me thrice….no, I will not try it again.
  27. Your favorites may no longer be tolerated post-surgery…for example, sausage.
  28. Do not recommend buying anything in bulk until you know that you will like it post surgery. (anyone want to buy 32 servings of orange dreamsicle protein powder?)
  29. Invite people “in” who will support you. You will know soon enough if you invited in the wrong people. Have a generic, vague answer for those negative people but don’t plan on sharing your heart wrenching struggles with them.
  30. There will be heart wrenching struggles. Assuming you have spent years being food centered or having food as a strong hold, there is a grieving period of losing your “best friend”.
  31. I can be a vegetarian for 6 weeks. (I had not even had 6 meals in a row of being a vegetarian.) Now, I chose not to be a vegetarian.
  32. Yes, I do want chicken daily but only small amounts, cut up into tiny pieces then well chewed.
  33. Everyone says “I can tell that you have lost weight in your face” but oh, how I long to hear “I can tell you have lost weight in your tummy and backside”.
  34. I use to drink 8-10 oz of water in one big gulp. Gulping is not allowed. Now, I sip water throughout the day. Crushed ice is also delicious.
  35. I had to avoid eating out for the first month. Now, I can go out, just eat a few bites off my husband or friend’s plate.
  36. Being around my family and friends is more important to me then food. I no longer have to hide at meal times.
  37. Losing 10 pounds was great, but losing 20 is even better.
  38. Losing 20 pounds was great, but losing 30 is even better.
  39. Losing 30 pounds was great, but losing 40 is even better,
  40. As long as I take my vitamins and drink my liquids, I feel better than I have in a long time. I do not miss food hangovers or carrying around 40 extra pounds. I look forward to how I will feel when I lose the next 40….

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